Need construction tips, shortcuts, or a glimpse into careers
in the trades? Check out these videos, designed to inform and
inspire vocational students and DIY-ers alike!

Portrait of a Tradesperson

Hear Kayleen McCabe tell her own story of growing construction from hobby to habit to rewarding career!

An Introduction to Fasteners

Dowels and brads and dominos, oh my! Make sure you’re using the best fastener for the job with this breakdown of common mechanical and non-mechanical options.


So many clamps, so little time—so let Kayleen break it down for you. Learn to pick the right clamp for your project or challenge, and discover some hidden features of popular favorites.

Modifying Lumber

Learn to identify the difference between sheet goods and stock goods, various cuts you can apply, and which saws get the job done right!

Drills 101

Not all drills are created equal. Uncover the small but crucial differences between drill types—and some tips and techniques for using each one.

A Very Simple Cabinet

Why buy storage when you can DIY it? Follow these wordworking basics to create — then customize — your own cabinet, bookshelf, or storage container. Learn essential cutting and fastening skills along the way.